Why should I become a sport blogger

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Author: David Lawrence


Thinking of venturing into blogging? Well, if you’re looking for a good blog niche that’ll excel your website, starting a sports blog is the way to go for you. Sports entertainment is among the highest-earning industry in the entertainment industry. Websites like Goal.com have taken that opportunity to earn massively from sports events by writing various sports news, stories and topics on their website. You too can start making money immediately from your blog that’s why I’ve created this article to tell you some of the reasons you should venture into sports blogging immediately.

Why should I become a sport blogger

Good profit

Sports blogs are known to generate a massive amount of income monthly because they always draw a lot of audience to a website and much can be made through advertising.

Lots of Talking points

One very good thing about sports blogging is that there are always good eye-catching topics to write on. Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, etc are played every single day so you’ll never run out of topics. Not to talk of writing about sports celebrities and their everyday life. You can write on Match analysis, news, etc.

Easy to find advertisers

Advertisers are among the leading source of revenue to a website. Most advertisers are always willing to advertise on a sports website. This is because advertisers love to show their ads on platforms where people love to be. Reading sports news, analysis, etc are things people love and do very often, therefore, Advertisers would be more than ready to pay you in order to have their ads on your website. With a good social media following, you should be having thousands of people flowing into your website as long as you post consistently.

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Easy to get followers

It’s very easy to get social media followers when you have a sports niche social page. When you run paid advertising or promotions for your social media posts, people will find your contents very helpful and they may share it with their friends, like it and also engage in it. You don’t even need me to tell you that’s a dream come true for every blogger. Having many people engaging in your posts will increase your followers and traffic back to your website.


By the time your blog gets very famous, you’ll get great recognition also. Your blog will win awards for you and the more awards you win, the more you earn and the more people start trusting what you post on your blog. As an individual, this will also open ways to other money-making opportunities as you could get endorsements from well-known companies. Even for sports celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, all their income doesn’t come from just football alone. They have companies paying them to be their ambassadors. You too can become one.

Waste no more time! Sports blog like I said have been generating and it’s still generating passive income to it owners and you could be one of them. Create your own website and begin your blogging career today!